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Quick Start


Follow the links below for a quick start; 


Register - complete the registration process if you haven't already done so.


As a Principal Contact or Individual User - Complete your Company profile


As a Principal Contact or Individual User - Accept the terms and Conditions (OS API Framework Agreement)


Purchase a Product Package and Plan


Get an API Key - My Keys


See the product specific user guides and technical specifications at the OS APIs Developer Hub for more information on using your service product.  


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The Developer Portal allows you to access a new range of service products and developer tools that will enable you to accomplish business tasks.


Here you will be able to select Products and Service plans and generate and manage your API keys in My Keys. Our API docs will help you through all the steps in realising the potential of your new service product.


The Developer Portal requires there to be one account per organisation. Your account will not have a number. For OS Digital Data customers purchases will be linked to your existing account for accounting purposes.


A Principal Contact for your organisation will be responsible for:


  • Completing the Company Profile.

  • Accepting the Terms & Conditions (OS API Framework Agreement).

  • Associating additional users.

  • Assigning user roles.


The first user to register from an organisation is expected to act as the Principal Contact.


Existing OS Customers - If you do not know if your organisation is registered for this service please contact us or your Account Manager.  


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Complete the Registration page. It is recommended that you use your email address as your username (for organisations this should be your business email). Once the form is submitted you will receive an email for a one-time login. Use the link in the email to start the change password procedure and complete your first login.


Please note the one-time login is only valid for 1 day. Please register again if your one-time login expires.


It is expected that the first user from an organisation will act as the Principal Contact for that organisation. This user will be responsible for completing the Company Profile and accepting the service Terms and Conditions.



Once completed you will be able to select a Product Package and Plan in the My Account page.

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My account


The My Account page includes your Settings; your Company Profile, Terms and Conditions and Manage User Roles. 


  • Company Profile - The details of your organisation including the billing address, company registration and VAT numbers. The company profile should be completed by an organisations Principal Contact. For Individual Users, please use your personal information.


  • Terms and Conditions (OS API Framework Agreement) - The latest version of the Terms and Conditions applicable to our service products. The Terms and Conditions must be accepted by an Individual User, or an organisations Principal Contact, before purchasing a Product Plan.


  • Manage User Roles - Associate other users from your organisation to your Company and Manage the users permissions.


My Account also gives you access to the range of Product Packages and Plans available for your organisation.


  • Product packages - One or more service products that are available for your organisation to purchase under a plan.


  • Plans - the pricing for a service product based on the number of transactions.


  • Purchased plans - displays plans purchased by your organisation, showing the the start date, renewal date and end dates.

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Edit Profile


All users are able to are able to edit their user profile


  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • User Name

  • Password

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Manage users


It is recommended that an organisation has one Principal Contact who will manage all users for that organisation.


Any additional user should first create their own login for this service by registering. Additional users need not complete the Company Profile or accept the Terms and Conditions (OS API Framework Agreement).


Once registered the additional user can be associated to your organisation in My Account > Manage User Roles.


Enter the new users email in the Associate New User field. Click < Save > to associate this user with your organisation account and you will be able to manage their user roles.

User Role Permissions


Monetization Admin


Finance Admin

Edit Company Settings




Edit Company Finance Settings




Edit Company user Permissions




Purchase a Package/Plan




Add a key




Edit own profile




If you do not have permissions to carry out this process please contact us.


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Purchase a Plan


To purchase a plan you must complete your Company profile and accept the OS APIs Terms & Conditions (OS API Framework Agreement). Once complete all users are able to purchase our Free and Trial Plans. Please contact us to activate Premium plans and plans for Existing Data Licensees.


Free Plans are available to everyone to use for commercial, educational and personal purposes.


Trial Plans are available to everyone for the evaluation of OS APIs for internal business/organisation use, or to develop products and services prior to commercialisation. To get the most out of your trial, start your plan at the start of your development activity.


Premium Plans can be made available to everyone. Please contact us to activate your Premium plans.


Plans for Existing Data Licensees are made available to organisations that already have, or wish to take out, one of the following licences;


  • A member licence under either the PSGA or the One Scotland Mapping Agreement.

  • A Framework Contract (Direct Customers) together with a Data Contract for GB Coverage for use on 101 or more Terminals.

  • A Framework Contract (Partners) together with: The Navigation, Consumer Applications and Websites Contract.


Please contact us to activate plans for Existing Data Licesees or for more information on OS licences.


To purchase a plan; navigate to the Plans details page via the product page, or go to My Account > Product Packages & Plans to view all packages available to you.


Compare the plans and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Please note; you can only purchase 1 plan for a product or group of products under a Package.


Product Packages and Plans

Package Name

 The package under which the plans are available


 The service product/s that will be available to you


 The threshold of any usage restrictions for the product

Plan Details & Comparison

 Lists the different plans available under the package

Renewal Period

 The contract term for a plan

Rate Card

 The method by which the plan will be charged

Volume Aggregation Basis

 The period in which a number of transactions can be accumulated

Volume band

 The charges applicable to a set number of transactions

Free Quantity

 The number of transactions allowed without additional fees

Active Plan

 Displays a customers current plan under a package

To start a plan, enter the start date and click < purchase this plan >.


Details of the plans you have purchased can be found under Product, Packages & Plans > Purchased Plans.


Where appropriate an invoice will be raised in the calendar month following your purchase.

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My Keys


My Keys allows you to create a key to access an API service and monitor your usage of that service. There is no limit to the number of keys you can create. Click < Add a new key >, name your Key and select an API Product from the list.


Please note that your key name can be no longer than 50 characters.


Click < Create Key > to get your key.


View the details of a key by selecting it from the list on the My Keys page. 


My Keys Functions


  The API key you will need to include in a request.


 The product/s you have associated to your API key.

Key Details

 A summary of your key.

Edit Key

 Add or remove purchased products.

Performance Statistics

 Monitor your key usage;


 The average response time in milliseconds for a range of requests

Max Response Time

 The highest value in milliseconds for a request

Min Response Time

 The lowest value in milliseconds for a request

Message Count

 Number of requests in a chosen time period

Error Count

 Number of failed requests in a chosen time period

API docs


Find out more about using OS APIs with our API docs at the OS APIs Developer Hub. 

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Contact us


We have prepared answers to some of the queries we most often receive and these can be found in our Developer Portal FAQs.


Full details of the products can be found in our API docs.


For our full set of Terms and Conditions please check out the OS API Framework Agreement.


For queries about OS APIs please contact us.

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