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Enhance your apps with our consistently detailed map of Great Britain - from overview right down to property and building outlines. It even includes post boxes and electricity sub stations, sourced from our own MasterMap of Great Britain.



OS Maps API for Enterprise is being withdrawn - 31/03/2021


We have now launched a new suite of APIs, with similar and improved functionality, available from our new data access platform OS Data Hub
This means that we intend to withdraw OS Maps API for Enterprise on 31st March 2021.


You can still continue to use your maps and API keys until 31st March 2021 when the service will be withdrawn.


We recommend that you migrate your maps before this date, so that you can continue using them in your applications without interruption and make the most of our new and improved OS Maps API.


Migrate your maps | New OS Maps API | OS Data Hub


OS Maps API Detailed MApping

Up-to-date maps, ready to use


Britain’s most detailed, maintained and accurate maps, in the most popular projections and five beautiful styles. Automatically updated every six weeks, leaving you free to focus on your organisation’s activities rather than spend time maintaining your organisation’s map data.


It's a RESTful web service, which is easy to integrate, and because you're not locked in to Ordnance Survey - you're free to use our APIs with other providers' services (subject to third party terms and conditions).





Five beautiful styles


There are 5 styles for your application, mobile or website, using beautiful cartography designed for business and public sector customers.


Choose from Leisure, Light, Night, Outdoor, and Road. Each is designed for different use, from being ideal in the outdoors to being optimised for tablets or phones used at night. 







Five Styles of Mapping
Consumer Leisure Map Layers

Easy to use


Whatever you do, there are no restrictions on how you integrate OS Maps API. You can build it in as a feature within your own existing GIS or use the API to build new, business-facing web and mobile applications.


The API supports EPSG:27700 (British National Grid) and EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator). Users can request tiles in OGC KVP WMTS or RESTful ZXY, and in png format. Backed up by 99.9% uptime and technical support during business hours included in paid plans.






99.9% uptime (See Service Levels and Maintenance as defined in our Terms & Conditions)

Output format

RESTful HTTP Request. Response in 256 x 256 PNG tile. OGC WMTS, ZXY protocols.

Full technical documentation.


EPSG:27700 (British National Grid) and EPSG:3857 (web Mercator)

Data update frequency

The underlying data for OS Maps is updated between every six weeks to six months, depending on the

data source. More information can be found here.

Geographical coverage

Great Britain

OS Maps API for Enterprise gives you a variety of map styles for business and public sector use – and there’s a free trial to get you started straight away.


In the outdoor stack, buildings in OS MasterMap Topography are in 2.5D. This means you’ll get a 3D appearance for 2D objects. 


We’ve incorporated different projections too. The API supports EPSG:27700 (British National Grid) and EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator). Users can request tiles in OGC KVP WMTS or RESTful ZXY, and in png format.

OS Maps API for Enterprise accesses four data sources, all of which we keep updated simultaneously. This way, we’re confident we can ensure consistency and fidelity in our products. 


•  Strategi (Overview of Great Britain with features such as railways, airports, rivers, villages, woods, land use and place names); 


•  OS VectorMap District (mid-scale map with buildings, roads, railways, rivers and forests, plus place names); 


•  OS VectorMap Local (detailed, street level map including shapes of individual houses, garden boundaries and more detailed outlines of larger buildings); 


•   OS MasterMap – Topography Layer, the most detailed, comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain. Our Topography Layer provides landscape features such as buildings, fields, fences, land, water and roads, as well as administrative boundaries – over 425 million features in all.

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