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Improve efficiency, guarantee accuracy and reduce costs. With OS Match & Cleanse API, you’ll have instant, reliable search results to make deduping and cleansing address data easier for your business. 





With OS Places API powering OS Match & Cleanse, you’ll have instant, reliable search results to make deduping and cleansing address data easier for your business. 


It's a RESTful web service, which is easy to integrate, and because you're not locked in to Ordnance Survey - you're free to use our APIs with other provider's services (subject to third party terms and conditions).









Improve efficiency, guarantee accuracy and reduce costs throughout. Use postcodes and UPRNs or text strings to identify and match your targets – get information about residential and commercial properties quickly and easily.


40 million adresses


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It's free to evaluate OS APIs for your internal business use or to develop products and services prior to commercialisation. 




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Get started using OS APIs straight away without  needing to hold an existing OS data licence. Premium Service plans are for 12 months, paid in advance.



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2,000  Transactions

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2,000 Transactions / 60 days
100,000 Transactions / year
500,000 Transactions / year
1,000,000 Transactions / year
5,000,000 Transactions / year
2,000,000 Transactions / year
You can license this data free to evaluate it for your internal business use or to develop products and services prior to commercialisation. 
Internal Business Use
Premium plans are designed for internal business use only.
Creating products or services
To distribute or to use OS Places API in your own products and services, choose our OS Places API plans for Existing Data Licensees.
Public Sector Mapping Agreements
Members of Public Sector Mapping Agreements should use our OS Places API plans for Existing Data Licensees




99.9% uptime (See Service Levels and Maintenance as defined in our Terms & Conditions)

Output format

RESTful HTTP Request. Response in 256 x 256 PNG tile. OGC WMTS, ZXY protocols.

Full technical documentation.


EPSG:27700 (British National Grid) and EPSG:3857 (web Mercator)

Data update frequency

The underlying data for OS Maps is updated between every six weeks to six months, depending on the

data source. More information can be found here.

Geographical coverage

Great Britain

You may be a large business, looking for APIs to integrate with your own GIS. Perhaps you’re an independent developer who wants to create a new web or mobile app. Either way, you’re welcome to trial OS Maps API for Enterprise free of charge.

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OS Maps API for Enterprise gives you a variety of map styles for business and public sector use – and there’s a free trial to get you started straight away.


In the outdoor stack, buildings in OS MasterMap Topography are in 2.5D. This means you’ll get a 3D appearance for 2D objects. 


We’ve incorporated different projections too. The API supports EPSG:27700 (British National Grid) and EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator). Users can request tiles in OGC KVP WMTS or RESTful ZXY, and in png format.

OS Maps API for Enterprise accesses four data sources, all of which we keep updated simultaneously. This way, we’re confident we can ensure consistency and fidelity in our products. 


•  Strategi (Overview of Great Britain with features such as railways, airports, rivers, villages, woods, land use and place names); 


•  OS VectorMap District (mid-scale map with buildings, roads, railways, rivers and forests, plus place names); 


•  OS VectorMap Local (detailed, street level map including shapes of individual houses, garden boundaries and more detailed outlines of larger buildings); 


•   OS MasterMap – Topography Layer, the most detailed, comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain. Our Topography Layer provides landscape features such as buildings, fields, fences, land, water and roads, as well as administrative boundaries – over 425 million features in all.

In the first release of our OS Maps for Enterprise API, offline mapping (cached maps) won’t be available. The API accesses raster versions of our maps, so users can’t interact with map objects (i.e., tag features) or create their own styling.

The OS Maps for Enterprise API’s stunning detail will enable elegant visuals that are ideal for enterprise, as well as consumer use. These include banking and insurance, land and property, utilities, health, education, and navigation products.

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