This Agreement sets out the terms on which Ordnance Survey Limited (company registration number 09121572) (we, us, our, OS) makes API Services available to its customers, including you, the person or entity entering into this Agreement either as an End User or a Reseller (you and your). You and we are each a party and together the parties.


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Summary of key terms


To help you understand this Agreement, we’d like to explain some of its terms. This is only a summary, it’s not a substitute for our full Agreement. When you’ve read the full Agreement, please let us know if there’s anything you’re not sure of or that you’d like us to clarify before going any further.


Our Agreement and Product Plans


Our full Agreement covers the permitted use of our family of API services and Product Plans that you can subscribe for through our management portal as follows:


  • Premium Plans let you use and supply our API services without any additional licensing.

  • Reseller Plans let you supply API services to your customers as part of your products and/or services as long as you’re party to an appropriate Partner Contract under the Framework Contract (Partners).  Reseller Plans do not have any Transaction Limits and operate on a quarterly basis with fees payable in arrears.

  • Reseller Trial Plans require you to be party to the Distribution Contract and allow you to make API services available to your customers for free, subject to time-bound Transaction Limits.

  • OS Customer Plans let you use our API services as long as you’re party to either an appropriate Data Contract under the Framework Contract (Direct Customers) or a members’ licence under the PSGA or the One Scotland Mapping Agreement. We can help you put these agreements into place subject to eligibility.

  • Trial Plans let you trial API services within your business for free and Data Exploration Plans let you develop products and/or services using our APIs for free.  Both Trial Plans and Data Exploration Plans are subject to time-bound Transaction Limits.

  • Premium Plans and OS Customer Plans are all subject to paid for Transaction Limits that operate on an annual basis. Any exceptions to this will be highlighted in the applicable API Appendix.

  • Free API Plans allow you to use certain API services on a free of charge basis, subject to Transaction Limits and applicable licensed use terms.

The Agreement sets out the general terms and conditions of use and describes:


  • the scope of your licence (Clause 4);

  • your obligations (Clause 5);

  • paying us (Clause 6);

  • our service levels (Clause 7);

  • access to the API services, termination or expiry of the Agreement and cancellation of Product Plans (Clause 9); and

  • the warranties given by, and the liability of, both parties (Clause 10).

The specific terms for each API service are set out in separate Appendices (Appendices 1, 2, 3 and 4). These include: definitions of a Transaction (which determines the relevant Transaction Limits); and details of each of its Product Plans – what licensed uses are available, what data they include, their licensing periods and any applicable third party or product specific terms you need to be aware of. 


Paying for our APIs


Product Plans consists of Premium Plans, OS Customer Plans, Reseller Plans, Free API Data Plans, Data Exploration Plans, Trial Plans and Reseller Trial Plans. The licensing period for a Product Plans is typically 1 year; however, there are exceptions for certain API Services which have a shorter licensing period and are subject to a maximum number of transactions over a certain period of time.


If you’re using a Reseller Plan, Reseller Trial Plan or an OS Customer Plan, you’ll have to enter into an appropriate licence with us for the API Data required and pay us the appropriate licence fees or royalties under those licences in addition to fees under this Agreement.



Download the full Agreement (PDF)

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